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Parents – When the Roles of Care Takers are Reversed

On behalf of West Virginia’s Nursing Home Attorney, Charleston, WV —West Virginia Nursing Home Lawyer discusses the signs of nursing home abuse

The thought of our parents or grandparents depending on us  may be hard to come to terms, especially if they have always been our caretakers. When life changes arise and you find yourself having to consider nursing home facilities as a full time care provider, heightened awareness of characteristics resembling abuse or neglect can help recognize sudden changes in loved ones that need to be addressed.

Common characteristics of nursing home neglect and abuse include:

  • dehydration and malnutrition
  • failure to assist in personal hygiene
  • frequent medical attention or broken bones due to falls
  • continuous over sedation of the patient.

Ideally, most of us would like to take care of  our loved ones ourselves, however, the demands of work and children often make doing so difficult or impossible.  When circumstances do not permit, finding comfort in how to choose a nursing home can relieve some of the stress involved in the process.

In 2007, federal inspectors received 37, 150 complaints about nursing home conditions; one-fifth of those involved neglect and abuse.  The following year, investigators found that 94% of the nation’s nursing homes were in violation of federal health and safety standards. Federal regulation requires nursing homes to follow guidelines in patient care and facility practices; for example conduct initially a comprehensive and accurate assessment of each resident’s functional capacity (42 CFR §483.20).  These regulations vary depending upon the type of funding provided; private or federal.

Many cases of neglect and abuse are seldom reported.  Often complaints are not made to the right people.  Loved ones are sometimes hesitant to speak up in fear of further abuse or fear burdening family.  If you or someone you know is a victim of nursing home abuse and neglect, contact a Contact West Law Firm to help your loved ones receive the respect and care they deserve.

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