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Car Accident Attorney Checklist

West Virginia car accident lawyer talks about car accident attorney checklistMost people aren’t sure what to expect after suffering an injury in a West Virginia car accident.  That’s why I have decided to share condensed versions of a few of West Law Offices Personal Injury Checklists.  This helps keep our clients informed about their accident claim and prepares them for the claims process.  Below are the first basic questions we ask our West Virginia injury clients:

Client’s name, address & phone number:

Date of Birth:

Social Security Number and driver’s license number:

1.         How did the accident happen?

2.         When did the accident happen (include the day and time of the accident)?

3.         Where did the accident happen?

4.         Were there witnesses, and if so, what are their names, address and telephone numbers and what did they see and/or hear?

5.         Were there any citations issued to you or other drivers?

6.         Who was the other driver?

7.         Were there passengers in your or the other driver’s car, and if so, who were they?

8.         Do you know the other driver or passengers personally, and if so, how?

9.         Was there any drinking or other substance consumption involved, and if so, explain.

10.       Were you wearing a seat belt, and was the other driver and passengers wearing a seatbelt?

11.       Please describe in detail all of your injuries.

12        Where were you coming from and where were you going to?

13.       Please describe all property damage including damage to vehicles, clothes, devices, etc.

14.       Did you hear or see the other driver, passengers or witnesses make any statement either verbally or in writing, and if so, who made statements and what did they say?

15.       Do you wear corrective lenses, and if so, what type and were you wearing them at the time of the accident?

16.       Do you have any photographs of your injuries, the accident scene or property damage, and if so, could you please send us copies?

For a free evaluation of your West Virginia auto accident, please call West Law Offices toll free at 1-877-943-9378.  We are a Charleston, WV personal injury law firm, and we serve Beckley, Logan, Huntington, and all West Virginia counties.

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