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Truck Accidents – Five Issues for You and Your WV Lawyer to Consider: Part II

West Virginia’s Trucking Accident Lawyer discusses the complexities of lawsuits involving trucking accidents.

Part one of this series addressed three issues that are often important to maximizing a truck accident claim.   Below is a discussion of two additional issues that will hopefully help you recover all that you deserve.

4.  Falsified Truck Driver Records

One of the common causes of commercial truck accidents is truck driver drowsiness, often a result of a truck driver staying on the road longer than allowed by law.  For this reason, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations limit how much time a trucker can spend driving without sleep and rest.  These regulations also require truck drivers keep a log of their driving time.  However, greed and profit may motivate a driver and/or trucking company to falsify records so that they can keep the truck on the road as long as possible.

An experienced truck accident lawyer may be able to recognize inconsistencies in the records produced by the truck driver and trucking company during litigation.  An effective personal injury lawyer may also be able to elicit testimony from witnesses to help prove the truck driver or trucking company falsified records.  Proving that the truck driver or trucking company falsified records can significantly help maximize your claim and may justify punitive damages.

5. Trucking Company Policies

Trucking companies usually have written policies that their truck drivers must follow.  These policies address most aspects of a trucker’s job including conducting pre and post-trip inspections of their truck, substance abuse, and what to do in the event that their truck needs repaired.  To maximize your claim, it is important for your lawyer to obtain and review the trucking company policies to determine whether they were followed not only by the truck driver, but also by the trucking company.  Promptly consulting with an attorney after a serious truck accident is important, but that doesn’t mean you should hire the first lawyer you talk to if you’re not fully confident in him or her.

Finding Legal Help

Hiring an experienced truck accident attorney who is aware of these issues can help maximize your claim.  Truck accident victims are often at a disadvantage in regards to resources, truck accident litigation experience, and time spent at the accident scene.  Hiring a qualified WV personal injury attorney is perhaps the most important decision you will make with respect to receiving the compensation you deserve.

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