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Traumatic Brain Injuries

Because it’s all over the news these days, you have likely heard that football injuries can cause scan of brain injured by traumatic injuryconcussions, depression and even suicide.  A concussion is a form of Traumatic Brain Injury (“TBI”), and the Center for Disease Control reports that 1.7 million Americans suffer from TBI each year. 

This means that not only do football players suffer serious Traumatic Brain Injury, so do everyday West Virginians when they are injured in motor vehicle accidents, hurt on the job, suffer domestic abuse, get attacked in a fight, play sports, or are shaken.  People can also suffer from a Traumatic Brain from falls or medical malpractice

Other causes of TBI include bicycle accidents, whiplash injuries, pedestrian accidents, and West Virginia work accident lawyers like those involved in coal mining.

Traumatic Brain Injuries occurs when the head suffers an outside blow and the brain moves within and against the skull (or during a penetrating injury).  A TBI disrupts brain function that may be mild, resulting in nothing more than a headache, or it may be so severe that there are personality changes, loss of function, and amnesia. 

In fact, ordinary West Virginians can suffer the same TBI injuries as soldiers in war zones who step on IEDs.  TBI can cause life to change dramatically.  Medical bills pile up, wages are lost, families suffer distress, relationships are strained, and the future is uncertain.  It’s a scary time for the seriously injured and for their loved ones.

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